Safety Officer


This comprehensive Safety course systematically helps skills development and practical implementation knowledge of Safety Officer focuses primarily on Industrial Safety requirements for various sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Construction, Power Plant , Chemical industries and Fabrication Industries. This course is comprehensive TITT training course focuses on Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Officer.

This TITT Safety course includes the preparation, Update, Change and review of Safety documents like safety plans, Stage wise Safety Assurance of Industrial Construction Safety Projects, Refinery Plant Piping Safety Inspection and Safety procedures which is the core of overall Safety systems of any project and Refinery Plant. The course provides every aspect of Safety requirements including process Safety in great detail including group discussions, workshops and exercises.

Overview of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems OHSAS 18001 , Staff Awareness training , Health and Safety Documentation, Personal Protective Equipment , Safety Hazards Materials Handling Storage and Disposal , Accidents prevention in Cranes , Scaffolds , Fire Prevention Safety ,Flammable and Combustible Liquids , Confined Space , Work Permit , Office Safety , Subcontractor Safety ,Emergency Preparedness and Response ,Investigating Accidents and Accident / Incident Reporting , Implementation & Operation of OHSAS 18001 , Safety Audits etc The course provides every aspect of Industrial Safety in great detail including group discussions, workshops and exercises.

Course Syllabus

  •   Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Officer
  •   Definitions of terms like Health .Safety ,Fire, IOSH, NEBOSH OSHA etc
  •   Reasons for implementing occupational Safety and health
  •   The effects of Accidents on Victim, Supervisor ,company and country
  •   Staff Awareness training
  •   Health and Safety Documentation
  •   Personal Protective Equipment
  •   Safety Hazards
  •   Materials Handling Storage and Disposal
  •   Cranes Accidents
  •   Scaffolds
  •   Working at height Safety
  •   Fire and Safety
  •   Welding Safety
  •   Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  •   Operation of Heavy Equipment
  •   Overhead Crane Safety
  •   Confined Space
  •   Work Permit
  •   Office Safety
  •   Subcontractor Safety
  •   Emergency Preparedness and Response
  •   Near Miss Reporting
  •   Investigating Accidents
  •   Accident / Incident Reporting