QC Inspector Instrument

Course Preamble

This comprehensive course systematically helps skills development and practical implementation knowledge in QA / QC Discipline inline with international standards including Correct Usage / Preparation of ITP’s QCP’s , stage wise inspection of QA / QC activities and Implementing, Monitoring, Witnessing, establishing of Project Quality Plan for any projects. This certification course is designed and developed by TITT.

This comprehensive course covers in depth quality requirements in various sectors / industries including - Aeronautic, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Refinery, Power Plant, Automobile, Civil Construction Projects Heavy, Fabrication Industries Manufacturing Industries etc.

Course Syllabus

  •   Roles & responsibilities of QA/ QC Inspector
  •   Introduction to the Company QMS ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards
  •   International codes and standards
  •   Preparation of Project Quality Plan
  •   Preparation of Inspection Test Plans – ITPs
  •   Preparation of QC Procedures
  •   Preparation of Inspection procedures
  •   Classification of Instrumentation work
  •   Electrical Bought-out Materials/specifications
  •   Process Flow Diagram ( PFD ) Piping and Instrument Diagram ( P & ID ) and Isometric Drawing etc.
  •   Receiving Inspection , In process Inspection & Final Inspection
  •   Control of Nonconforming of Items / Products
  •   Control Loops and Control Systems
  •   Instrument Installation and Testing
  •   Checking the instrument loop wiring
  •   Inspection & testing of Instrument/ Pneumatic HookUps: Cable Routing, Laying, Glanding Termination & Grounding, Insulation Resistance & Continuity tests.
  •   Verification of calibration certificates and Inspection Reports
  •   Types of Instrumentation Sensors, Transmitter, Equipment and Product
  •   Instrumentation Assembly and Erection Inspection, Run Test and methods
  •   Calibration of Instrumentation instrument / equipment, IMTE
  •   Inspect as per inspection test plan (ITP’s ) and Preparation
  •   Specific quality procedures and Preparation
  •   Quality Control QC Job Brief on Receiving, In-process, Final Inspection
  •   Implementation and Monitoring QA/QC system
  •   Creating the Punch list and Traceability.
  •   Preparation of Construction Check Sheets, Red-line drawing and As Built drawings
  •   Final documentation, Inspection Report, MCC and Dossier.