Electrical Technician


Course Preamble

This comprehensive course systematically helps skills development and practical implementation knowledge in ELECTRICAL, This certification course is designed and developed by TITT.

This comprehensive course covers in depth Electrical requirements in various sectors / industries including - Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Refinery, Power Plant, Automobile, Civil Construction Projects Heavy, Manufacturing Industries etc.

Course Syllabus

  •   Introduction to Electrical Design
  •   Basics of Electrical Engineering
  •   Electrical Codes, Standards and Regulations
  •   Concept of Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems
  •   Introduction to Electric Motors, Drives and Starters
  •   Types and Selection of Wiring Systems
  •   Applications and Selection of Switches and Sockets
  •   Applications and Selection of Wires and Cables
  •   Electrical Legends and Symbol
  •   Lighting and Power Circuit Wiring
  •   Conduit and Control Layout Design
  •   Total Connected Load and Maximum Demand Calculation
  •   Panel Board Types and Physical Layout
  •   Switch Gear Types and Selection
  •   Cable Selection, Sizing and Calculation
  •   Determining Cable Trays and Trenches
  •   Earthing Types, Cable Selection and Sizing
  •   Transformer Types and Protection
  •   Basic of Capacitor Bank
  •   Basic of UPS & Inverter
  •   Battery Bank
  •   Voltage Drop Calculation
  •   Different Entities of Illuminating System
  •   Prepare Layout of Different Types of Lights and Lux Level
  •   Preparation of Single Line Diagram
  •   Lightning Arrestor
  •   Fire Detection and Alarm System
  •   Basics of Building Management System
  •   Practical Site Visit